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    Never Stop Music is a record label established in Mexico City and focused on electronic music. Founded with the purpose of disseminating and promoting young talent and new artist.

    Feel free to send your demos and other things you want share with us.


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    Buy Never Stop Music releases Juno Download

    MKRNI – Versiones – Coleccion de Remixes Vol. III MKRNI Featured

    Markus Gibb – Dogtown Markus Gibb 'Dogtown'

    Theus Mago – No Money NVRSTP016 Futuered

    Mijo – Tecmex Uno NVRSTP015 Futuered

    Colts – Depth Drums Distortions NVRSTP014 Futuered

    W.O.L.F. – The Pack

    Can you remember the 303 and 909 everybody gasped around a few years ago? Can you remember that old 80’s Detroit and Chicago sounds that once you listened to them you started shifting colors in your eyes? What if we tell you that you can get again that feeling and dance along a stuttering yet more polished acid house today? Yes, it is possible now to get that retro acid basslines you once loved with W.O.L.F. and The Pack, an EP loaded with extreme squelchy sounds and trippy drums which promise to take you to the next level. If you like to dance, to move around and to feel the music in your feet, brain and mind, then you better grab this album as soon as you can, but remember who ever said that acid was bad for wolves, was clearly not a wolf on acid.

    Fabric Booming electro and blending acid full of great transitions between phrases ideal for every dancefloor at late hours.

    B Acid Groovy and hard in it’s on way.  A more nü indie song layered over and acid trip line but with enough power to grab your concentration immediately.

    The Walker Retro sounds with a new vibe of techno. A feeling all over that this tune can become a new banger to turn the nights to an instant party.

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    Release Date: May 14, 2012


    Andre VII This EP is amazing! The future figures of the Mexican electronic music.
    Acid, Funky, Banger and Elegant.
    Damn Disko Such an amazing EP… definitely a dancefloor igniter.
    Ghost Riots Tons of basses and pumping structures that sound fizzy on every mix. Banging!
    Juan Soto If you like hard stuff for partying, this guys are making an awsome work!
    LaRoyale Great work guys! I will really play ¨The Walker¨in the late night shifts.
    Silver Light Total support! Love this EP!
    Wagoner Total Refresh to the genre! Fabric our favorite!