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    Never Stop Music is a record label established in Mexico City and focused on electronic music. Founded with the purpose of disseminating and promoting young talent and new artist.

    Feel free to send your demos and other things you want share with us.


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    Buy Never Stop Music releases Juno Download

    MKRNI – Versiones – Coleccion de Remixes Vol. III MKRNI Featured

    Markus Gibb – Dogtown Markus Gibb 'Dogtown'

    Theus Mago – No Money NVRSTP016 Futuered

    Mijo – Tecmex Uno NVRSTP015 Futuered

    Colts – Depth Drums Distortions NVRSTP014 Futuered

    Silver Light – Colours

    A tube-shaped optical instrument that is rotated to produce a succession of symmetrical designs by means of mirrors reflecting the constantly changing patterns made by bits of colored glass at one end of the tube. That’s how you define a Kaleidoscope and indeed that is the perfect definition for a release full of fine progressions over a bed of sounds made to let your ears follow new dimensions every time you listen to this. Colors, patterns, reverberations, echoes… what else should a tune most contain to let you flow and capture your senses into a world of top notch electronic musical movements, the answer is anything. Let your mind blow and set yourself into a trip of awakening new wave  from one of the Never Stop Music best producers: Silver Light.

    Kaleidoscope Percutive, innovative, hypnotic and catchy. Synths cover every inch of space and make the listener unveil little by little every detail of the song.

    Colours The bass is everything; pumping into a set of glorious elements that follow a great dynamic through the entire tune. Entrancing synths that will stuck in your head for hours.

    Beatport  Junodownload  iTunes

    Release Date: Jul 02, 2012


    Andre VII Technodelico
    Damn Disko
    Energetic Powerful Hypnotic! Excellent production…
    Juan Soto Ultramegadope! Melodic’s Techno masterpiece.
    Ghost Riots Spectacular pattern transitions. An inspiring touch to build up momentum over any DJ Set.
    Grum Colours is banging!
    RDHS Fresh sound and great music construct. Love the bassline!
    W.O.L.F. Retro futuristic techno! Fucking Awesome!