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    Never Stop Music is a record label established in Mexico City and focused on electronic music. Founded with the purpose of disseminating and promoting young talent and new artist.

    Feel free to send your demos and other things you want share with us.


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    Colts – Density


    Welcome to the new era of Techno, were smart beats and complex progressions are the ones that will define the future electronic music. With influences back in to the roots of techno, were analog instruments and booming 4×4 beats were the kings, today’s sound is establishing itself into a new subculture of underground dark dance music, a scene that is promising to explode in the near future. 

    Preparing every music-admirer to discover this future sound of techno, Never Stop Music is proud to present Density, the latest EP from the Mexican techno bad boys Colts. With a previous outstanding debut, this duo is ready to release a new bomb featuring three techno tracks, which will make dance the most exigent dance floors around the world.

    Density Obscure mix of sounds that seem to came from a cave ful of people ready to dance. Dark techno with a booming and consistent beat ready to mix at late hours.

    Motion Nice and crude bass ready to start moving shoulders and feet tapping before the night blows out.

    Absolut Old Detroit techno is back! Powerful and sound explorative tune banging through an inspiring set of percussions and oddities that reflect the power of this promising duo.

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    Release Date: Feb 26, 2013

    Feedback & Support

    Andre VII I love Colts! 
    Go Cooolts!
    Damn Disko This EP so good … our favorite Density!
    Ghost Riots Dark, dark and darker. Density is amazing!
    GunRose I really like Motion witn its jackie bass line!
    Hoshina Anniversary Density its Cool!
    Martin Parra “Motion” for me in this release, I like the techy detroit chords feeling, the bassline is fat & bouncing, that funny, intense & messy hoover classic raver sound.
    Rob Threezy Density is my favorite tune. Dark bouncy jackin techno!!!
    Silver Light Very cool EP!
    S-File Cool! Will test em out!
    Wagoner  I couldn’t choose wich track is my favourite on the new Colts EP
    W.O.L.F. Great for the modern Dancefloor!