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    Never Stop Music is a record label established in Mexico City and focused on electronic music. Founded with the purpose of disseminating and promoting young talent and new artist.

    Feel free to send your demos and other things you want share with us.


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    MKRNI – Versiones – Coleccion de Remixes Vol. III MKRNI Featured

    Markus Gibb – Dogtown Markus Gibb 'Dogtown'

    Theus Mago – No Money NVRSTP016 Futuered

    Mijo – Tecmex Uno NVRSTP015 Futuered

    Colts – Depth Drums Distortions NVRSTP014 Futuered

    Colts – Aperture

    The new wave of techno is here featuring lots of sounds ranging from electro to acid to nu disco. As music evolves in our time, there are still producers who like to stay on the roots and bring back that old sound of techno, tweaked with a selection of today’s greatest synths and powerful experimentations.

    Prior experiences with techno influences may help people find this EP completely abrasive and hypnotic. Fluid and intense may be the words that best suit this techie debut by Colts which will make you ready to experiment the computer’s technology of this duo at their best.

    Aperture Techno-infused electro, robotic synths ready to exercise a floor-breaking situation. Perfect for basement clubs and underground parties.

    Baryon Sonically pleasing bass which bounces and bounces at an hypnotic revolution of sounds and voices. Catchy vocals will get the tune instant in your mind.

    Beatport  Junodownload  iTunes

    Release Date: Oct 29, 2012


    Andre VII The two tracks are incredible, but I prefer Aperture … Good Mexican Techno!
    Baryon is solid.
    Aperture is such a banger, reminds me of early 90s belgian stuff, so dark! Will try and play it in later sets!
    Ghost Riots Thrilling Techno; a must in our next DJ sets.
    GunRose Why i did not listened this before? Really cool release! :) Thanks!
    Damn Disko Aperture blew my mind! Big Ups!
    RDHS Love the structures and environments, take me to the real Nu Underground.
    Rob Threezy Very old school sounding techno/electro. I love Aperture, reminds me of gesaffelstein.
    Silver Light Raw, dark and dope! Love it!
    Wagoner (Israel) Aperture definitely enters to my set!
    Wagoner (Kay) Supporting both tracks! Never Stop Music is doing a great job working with such good and fresh projects and Colts it’s a great example of it!
    W.O.L.F. Very cool, real Techno!